About S&J

Committed to research and development and production of high-end semiconductor materials

Company Profile

Ningbo Shijie Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech start-up joint venture supported by Ningbo City. It is committed to the research and development and production of high-end semiconductor materials, mainly engaged in the research and development of new semiconductor packaging core materials.
The R&D team now has many Ph.D. and postdoctoral students at home and abroad.
The company has successfully built a R&D team in the United States from new material design, equipment design, manufacturing to material production process. This team has laid the foundation for the manufacture of CPU/GPU high thermal conductivity TIM1 materials and high reliability precision micro-welding balls. The team will return home one after another and land in Beilun, Ningbo.
Within three years, the Ningbo team has expanded to 50 people and trained a group of elites in the industry. Among them, 20 are the backbone of technology research and development, 30 are the backbone of technology management, which integrates production, management and quality control capabilities. Within five years, the team has expanded to 200 people and trained the packaging technology and management talents of high-end server chips. Enough to have a driving impact on the domestic chip packaging industry.


Our Hope

First-class IC package materials to enhance good experience of human beings

Our mission

Best quality to support the rapid development of IC material industry; Best service, growing up with customers; Leading the development of technology.

Our faith

Based on chips and materials, together to be excellent and happy

Our mind

SJ let the chips more rapid

Development history


S&J Company was established in Silicon Valley, USA, and R&D team was formed.


Ningbo Shijie Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Ningbo, China. It will be built in Xingang Town, Beilun.

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